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Natural Biocatalysts

Enzymes are biocatalysts used in the industry in order to achieve specific technological goals.

ABIASA offers a wide range of enzymes for application in the food industry in order to improve your product’s taste, texture and aroma, protecting them from unwanted microorganisms and enhancing their functional and nutritional properties.

icono enzimas Enzymes
Product Origin Function Application
Lysozyme Egg white Protein hydrolysis Clostridium prevention in cheeses
Catalase Liver (cow, pork) H2O removal Milk and whey preservation. Cork industry
Lactase Kluyveromyces lactis Lactose hydrolysis Removal of lactose from milk
Lamb esterase Lamb Fatty acid hydrolysis Flavour enhancement in cheeses
Goat esterase Goat Fatty acid hydrolysis Flavour enhancement in cheeses
Animal rennet Calf Milk coagulation Cheese making
Vegetal rennet Cynara cardunculus Milk coagulation Cheese making
Chymosin Kluyveromyces lactis Milk coagulation Cheese making
Microbial rennet Rhizomucor Milk coagulation Cheese making