Applied knowledge

ABIASA (Avances Bioquímicos Alimentación S.L.) is a company specialized in the production and marketing of high quality bioingredients for the food industry.

Pioneers in the field of lactic acid bacteria and in promoting their beneficial effects on human health. Specialists in research, development and production of lactic acid bacteria and enzymes.

Using the experience and knowledge gathered by our dairy specialists, we aim to develop high quality products able to meet industry needs.

From the beginning, we have always maintained our focus on the service to our clients based on effective technical and personalized assistance. We offer you our expertise to solve any question about ABIASA products or any challenge that may arise in the manufacturing process.

Besides offering a wide range of products, ABIASA offers specialized services to develop customized products and solutions to improve your products.


Our company was founded by Doctor José Mª Rosell (1886-1963), a Spanish scientist who was pioneer in the study of lactic acid bacteria and its application.

1920's Dr. Rosell begins the industrial production of yogurt in North America.
1930's Dr. Rosell founds Institut Rosell in Canada and promotes yogurt and kefir properties and their relation towards human health.
1940's Dr. Rosell founds Instituto Rosell in Spain, strategically situated in Tui with the target of introducing fermented milk products in Spain and Portugal.
1950's Introduction of liquid ferments for yogurt and cheese production. Several books on the subject are published during this decade: "Laboratorio Lactológico", "Métodos analíticos y Microbiología de las Industrias Lácteas", "Manual de Análisis Lactológicos y Fabricación de Quesos y Mantecas".
1960's The first industrial process for fresh cheese manufacturing is developed and this technology is transferred to the Spanish and Portuguese industry. The development and production of enzymes is started and the peroxide-catalase method is patented.
1970's Research focused on enzymes and its biological activity. Intense consulting work with the dairy industry.
1980's ABIASA (Avances Bioquímicos Alimentación) is founded in order to separate production and marketing activity from technical consulting.
1990's Introduction of new technological processes for the production of ferments and enzymes (fermentation, ultra filtration and freeze-drying).
2000's An own R&D department is created in order to develop applied projects for dairy industry. ABIASA received CEO award (business innovation).
2010's Research and development of new products and participation in national and international projects. Expansion of production industrial plant.